Transforming young people’s lives through our new charity 

Life Chance Trust aims to provide mentoring and life skills training, therapeutic, practical and financial support to young people for whom trauma in early childhood has caused emotional, behavioural or educational difficulties that may exclude them from many of the traditional pathways to training and employment. 

For these young people, growing up has been especially hard, and navigating the journey to becoming happy, healthy, safe and independent adults is a major challenge. They shouldn’t have to face that challenge alone. 

How we can help:

We’ll find amazing mentors, therapists and trainers to be role models, help to build healthy boundaries and routines, and be around to help with the practical challenges of life beyond school. 

We’ll work to help improve family relationships, find the right training and work experience opportunities, and build positive social networks. 

If you’d like to get involved, as a young person, a funder, partner organisation or volunteer, please do get in touch. We have work to do!  

How to apply or get involved:

Contact us for an informal chat: 01626 244086

Or email: