Our Services

ACE Clinic
The ACE Clinic is our specialist assessment centre where trauma informed practitioners are assessing the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences and a wide range of other development and behavioural conditions.
Our qualified practitioners deliver a range of training to help people who work with vulnerable children.
If your organisation works with vulnerable children who have experienced childhood trauma we can provide consultancy on how you can best meet their needs.

Helping You Meet Professional Challenges

Working with children who have experienced trauma and adverse childhood experiences is rewarding but also highly challenging. Our aim is to provide the training and support that individuals and organisations need to deliver the best outcomes for the children they work with. Our team work with vulnerable children every day, so they understand the unique challenges you face, and they put into action the skills and knowledge they teach you with children in real therapeutic settings.

Improving Life Chances

Helping children starts with accurately assessing their needs and challenges. We believe it’s essential to identify a child’s ACEs and when they occurred. This allows the creation of a profile that maps out which areas of emotional, neurological, speech and language, attachment, and behaviour development will have been impacted. Knowing this allows for a tailored therapeutic-education care plan to be created which will help a child overcome their ACEs and achieve their full potential.