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Transforming the life chances of young people and families

Life Chance provides training and consultancy for those who work with children suffering from adverse childhood experiences. Our growing chain of independent therapeutic day schools deliver high quality care for young people who have experienced childhood trauma.

Discover Our Aims

Our Mission

We’re committed to transforming the life chances of the young people and families that we work with. We support children who have suffered trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and exhibit Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties (SEMH). Our mission is to ensure that we help every child we work with achieve their full potential.

The Problem

Childhood trauma and ACEs (emotional abuse and neglect, physical abuse, witnessing domestic violence and other traumatic experiences) have a profound negative impact on children. Studies indicate the prevalence of ACEs is surprisingly common.

50% of people have experienced at least one ACE according to research.

The Impact

Childhood trauma can lead to Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties and increase the likelihood of substance abuse, violence and incarceration . However, ACEs and trauma do not necessarily have to lead to this predestined path. With the right support and care children and families can break the cycle.

How We Help

Our services offer help at all stages. Our schools work daily with children who have suffered trauma. The ACE Clinic is staffed by a Multi-Disciplinary Team who can carry out assessments of children to identify the help that they need to improve their life chances. Our training and consultancy can help professionals and organisations deliver trauma informed care to better meet the needs of the young people they work with.

Our Services

ACE Clinic

The ACE Clinic is our specialist assessment centre where trauma informed practitioners are assessing the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences and a wide range of other development and behavioural conditions.


Our qualified practitioners deliver a range of training to help people who work with vulnerable children.


If your organisation works with vulnerable children who have experienced childhood trauma we can provide consultancy on how you can best meet their needs.

Our Credentials



Our schools are rated Good by Ofsted.


We’re a member of the National Association of Independent Schools & Non-Maintained Special Schools (NASS).